Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bring On The Spring Sunshine Please.

Well what horrid weather we have had for the last few weeks,  with the dawn chorus supposedly at its best there can't be much for the birds to sing about.  With spring migrants slowly drifting in I think it is about time the weather bucked its ideas up and allowed us all to get out in the much needed sunshine.  We all suffer from lack of sunshine blues when the weather is bad.  That said I have had a few wanderings in between the showers taking in Grove and Stodmarsh and managed a few photos. At Grove a surprise sighting was a White Stork flying across the ramp viewing area and looking as if it was going to crash land, it lifted up into the wind and headed out towards the water meadows.  I was out no more than hour so that was pleasing.  Stodmarsh end of the valley is my local area for a wander and there is always something new this time of the year.  Yesterday I spent some time listening to a newly arrived Nightingale. The sound lifted the gloomy weeks history and gave me the challenge and enthusiasm that I needed to try and capture the moment with my camera.  Nightingales are not often seen spending most of their time hidden in dense undergrowth luckily for me some of the bushes are not fully out so I was able to watch it and could easily see it, at times singing its heart out.  After every burst of song there seemed to be complete silence before the next,  wonderful,  one of the best moments you can get in bird land.  I fired off a few photos and hoped for the best before moving on. Birds I encountered throughout the morning included Whitethroat, Blackcap, Chiffchaff, and Garden Warbler and many singing Reed and Sedge Warblers. A pair of Tree Creepers were feeding their brood in an old stump,  they were non stop in their desire to feed the hungry brood.  Along the track back to the car park were several butterflies, ( thanks to all the bloggers who post pictures of them,)  they are looking very smart and ready for the coming season.   Lets hope the rain eases and gives spring and the butterflies  a chance to truly come in to life with some pleasant warm sunshine.

                                                                White Stork

                                                                 Blackcap (female)

                                                                  Blackcap (male)



                                                                   Garden Warbler


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Mike H said...

Great post Tim with some cracking good photos. Hope to pay Grove a visit tomorrow in the sunshine!