Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A New Years Wander To Dover Docks.

With the weather forecast not looking good for the week I took advantage of Mondays bright blue sky and for a change of scenery I drove to Dover Docks. Parking my car by the Prince Of Wales pier I was soon scanning the sky's to see what was about. First to come in to view was a Great Black Backed Gull it looked magnificent controlling the skies, several Black Headed and Herring Gulls joined the fun,  it was as if they owned the air space in front of them as they went about trying to out manoeuvre each other. I had hoped to see a Gannet as there has been a few seen of late, within minutes one flew into range of the camera  a near adult bird it was huge, I was well pleased to see one so close as the only other sighting I have had was a distant Skommer bird. I rattled off a few shots and hoped for the best. This was  the only close view  as the  other Gannets about stayed distant.   Moving along the pier I scanned the water either side where there were lots of Auks swimming about, Razorbills and Guillemots in plenty, they spent most of the time diving making a photo difficult however I managed a few.  Cormorant, Shag  and a juvenile Gannet were also on view and a lone seal was often seen. Two Great Crested Grebes a Great Northern Diver and plenty of Kittiwakes completed the days tally. By mid morning I had reached the end of the pier and was joined by several like minded camera friends, with plenty to catch up with after the Christmas period we nattered away putting the world to rights and attempting to capture with our cameras the excellent aerial ability of the Kittiwakes, a pleasure to watch. Sadly one trailed fishing line, a 21st century hazard, surely its time that more safety rigs were used by anglers both fresh water and sea alike perhaps then we would not have so many avian fatalities.  Finally I would like to thank all of you who read my blog and wish you a very Happy New Year.