Thursday, 27 December 2012

A woodland challenge.

This time of the year I really enjoy the challenge of photographing our woodland species. With all the leafs now down maximum light can reach the camera sensor especially if the sun should poke its nose through the ever present cloud. For me bright sun light is not the best, shadows off the branches etc giving another angle of difficulty,but without doubt using the canon 7d the more light I can get is most welcome as I do not like high iso results that the 7d produces, even at close range. The challenges presented in the woods test us well with the conditions constantly changing and even when taking lots of shots the majority of them end up in the bin for one reason or another.

        Several Blue Tits could be found amongst the woodland birds,there were numerous Great Tits as well.
        They did not stay still, chances to catch them with the camera were few and far between.

           Coal Tits are even quicker, they are a rapid fire with the camera job and hope you capture a shot
           somewhere within the burst.    

                                                                             Coal Tit.

      The Marsh Tit in the picture below for me is my favourite, you can see the diference between them and
      the Coal Tit above. In the above picture you can see the white patch on the back of the Coal Tits head.

       Here is a few more shots of this little gem of the woods. I've not yet got the shot that I want but I will
       keep at it however long it takes.

     Finally everyone's woodland favourite the Nuthatch. There are a couple that we see regularly and at times
     show well. You need a fast shutter speed for these unless you are really lucky.

       Well I probably won't have time this year for another blog so I wish you a Happy New Year and may it  
                                                            stop raining and the sun shine.


Alan Pavey said...

Excellent set Tim :-)

Marc Heath said...

Brilliant Tim. Any chance of an email please to the area. I think I know but not sure if I have been watching the wrong log!!

Steve Ashton said...

Nice blog post Tim with some great images.

chiddy said...

New year and happy birthday if don't see before great fotos

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim.a good read and photo all the best for 2013.FROM ALAN.