Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Stodmarsh Kingfisher

Over the past few weeks there has not been much about for the camera so I decided to spend my time with a Kingfisher. It has been coming to a couple of posts that are in front of the reed bed hide and slowly as the water level has risen at times stayed and fished. No real pattern as to when it would turn up I have spent on one occasion six hours missing the bird at each end of the session by minutes. That said you get out of this pastime what you put into it and I returned the following day and only waited minutes for it to show and put in a splendid performance. Here are some of my efforts with the camera. I am going to shut this blog down shortly and start a new one as there is gremlins in the works on this one so thanks if you have read it.
Tim Gutsell.


Steve Ashton said...

Nice pics, where are the gremlins ???

Marc Heath said...

Nice set Tim, we just can't get enough of this little beauty.

Mike H said...

Some great pics Tim and certainly worthy of the time you have put in. I enjoy reading your blog and it seems that Steve Ray is also experiencing problems with his. Let me know the new blog once it is set up please