Sunday, 18 December 2011

Reculver And Oare In The Cold Winter Sunshine.

With the day dawning a lot more clement than yesterday I decided on a visit first thing to Reculver. Reculver is situated on the coast between Herne Bay and Thanet. It is well known for its towers that can be seen for miles. I set off along the sea wall in bright sunshine enjoying several skeins of Brent Geese looking grand against the blue sky. Turnstone, Redshank,  Sanderling,  Ringed Plover and Oystercatcher were all seen going about their business along with a Kestrel that was so engrossed with finding food it let me have time to watch before drifting away.  A pair of Stonechat also gave close views,  these are the birds that let you practise with your camera.  Eventually I arrived at the lagoons, not much here though. just a few Redshank and Black Headed Gulls.  The Snow Buntings that had been around for a while I was unable to locate which was disappointing.  A brisk walk back to the car taking 20 minutes or so left me feeling as if I had been dragged through a hedge backwards having battled against a brisk cold wind.  Next stop was Oare,  a short drive up the Thanet way to try and see the Short Eared Owl that's been showing throughout the week.  On arrival I met Andy Hills and Steve Ashton who had managed a few photos earlier, they  informed me that 3 Owls had been sighted.  We waited in front of the East flood where one had gone to ground out on the island.  Within minutes of my arrival a weather front came through bringing a shower of rain,  we took cover in the car as it past over.  As the sun came out the owl burst back into action quartering the road several times although distant.  We decided that the best chance for a photo was from the hide, so took up position and waited for the owl to come by.  The lighting from the low winter sun was brilliant,  we could see the owl coming towards us,  we waited with great excitement for a flyby but sadly the owl had other ideas turning away from the waiting cameras and duly headed across the creek towards castle cot. O well maybe next time.  We made our way back  towards the cars noting Pintail and Wigeon amongst the ducks. Distant views of another Owl were had however I had to except that although privileged to watch Short Eared Owls in action a memory would be all I would have for today's efforts. If you decide to visit Oare the best time is either side of a high tide as the birds drift up from the coast  to roost. Evening time has the best light for the east flood from the car parking bays if you want photos. A great way for whiling away a few hours for us all. Finally a pleasing image of the Great White Egret which left the area this morning.


Alan Pavey said...

Some really nice shots Tim, I really like the flight ones, hopefully the owls will perform better next time!!

Marc Heath said...

A nice account Tim and some very nice shots.