Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Day To Remember

Remembrance Sunday, so many poignant memories and far to many life's lost .For me,  one of the lucky beings I will be able to remember the day for all its autumn glory and will always be grateful to those not so lucky that I can. The day started with me driving just before sunrise along stodmarsh road and through trenley wood.  The sun was starting to appear and was stunning,  the colours just wonderful.  I slowed down as I passed the rookery and memories of school boy egg collecting came flooding back to me. I looked at the trees we used to climb, and remember reaching out into the branches hanging on for dear life to gain an emerald green streaked trophy. The farmer used to give us hell if he caught us.  I carried along stopping for a photo of the sun,  it was very misty. Reaching the reserve at Stodmarsh I saw at least 10 Goldcrest, 2 Bullfinch and a small gathering of Long Tailed and Blue Tit.  By now the sun was glowing and the mist was descending on a carpet of golden leaves, wonderful.  I made my way to the marsh hide as I wanted a few pics of the Glossy Ibis with the sun on its back,  as I passed the dyke a Kingfisher flew by and 2 Water Rails played in the edge, there was lots to see here including a Grey Wagtail and a handsome Sparrow Hawk.  Male Marsh Harriers were up in the sky and my first November Bittern appeared in the distance.  From the marsh hide I had lovely views of the Ibis the sun playing on its back,  you can see where it gets its name. A good hour was spent in the hide on my own drinking tea,  interrupted only by the birds that graced the day. I moved on to the reed bed hide watching a huge flock of mixed wildfowl being chased by a Peregrine.  2 Jay,  20 Redwing with a scattering of Fieldfare were also noted. The willows have been cut to the right of the Reed bed hide making it possible to see across to the lampern wall, thanks to who ever done the work as it was well worth it .Not much apart from a Cormorant was seen so home for a well earned bacon butty .On a separate note I must add that whilst out with my wife this afternoon on a long walk with our Springer Spaniels we saw 4 Common Crane flying over heading towards Deal. This capped off a great day for me in bird land so again thanks to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for me to do so.


Mike H said...

Great account and photos of a great day Tim.

Christian said...

Wow - a day to remember indeed. The Cormorant landing is fantastic. said...

Your pics are of great quality, congratulations!