Sunday, 14 August 2011


I've been trying hard to find time to get out to Backsands scrape at Sandwich for a while. Working in London makes the week days difficult so i was pleased to meet Steve Ashton at the polly tunnels for a morning visit today. Its a fair walk to the scrape and with a mid day high tide we were pleased on arrival to find we were the only two there. We sat in the photographers hide and awaited the birds to come near. First was a Green Sandpiper, followed by one of four Wood Sandpipers and then Greenshank. we took lots of photos as the birds came near, there were Common Sandpiper Ruff and then a party of Redshank. A Perigrine made a few sorties along with a Sparrowhawk, all these with the local residents made for a great morning. With high tide approaching we awaited with great anticipation,  bear in mind we were the only two there we could not believe it when we were greeted by a couple with three dogs. They let the dogs run riot through the amassing birds in front of us and made their way round to where we were sitting. I asked if they would put the dogs on a lead but was greeted with defiance. So there we are  , even when you are on your own in the middle of nowhere there is always some one to piss on your firework!


Mike H said...

Some nice photos Tim, a shame about mr K Head.

The Broadstairs Birder said...

Excellent photographs,Tim.Hope the blog goes well .With all best wishes Phil Parker.